Modern Baby High Chair + Convertible Toddler Chair

  • $149.98
  • $149.98

Why just get a normal high chair you have to get rid of when baby grows out of it--when you can get one that converts into a toddler chair!

This 2-in-1 modern high chair & toddler chair is the perfect compliment to your open, modern kitchen and dining room area. It is design takes after mid-century modern elements while interplaying the necessary safety elements such as safety harness, width, and stability requirements.  Our solid wood high chair is made with new BPA free plastic tray that is level 5 recyclable.

Measurements: Base: 22" wide; 23" deep.  Height to the top is 33".  Tray itself is 14.5" wide x 12" deep of usable space.

-Solid wood cylindrical legs with rubberized plastic footings and ample and comfortable space in the seat, this high chair sets a new standard for both look and comfort for the child.

-When it's fully assembled as a high chair, the seat is around 22" off the ground.  The baby could be pulled up to your standard dining room table.  When the chair is converted to a toddler chair, it's roughly 14" off the ground.

-Whether feeding your child from the table or entertaining them from the kitchen counter, this high chair will function perfectly for keeping your baby in place, secure and ready to eat!

-Convert this chair down into a child's craft chair after it's useful life as your dedicated high chair has been exhausted.

for tipping hazard, harness support and slip fall as well as heavy metals and chemicals, the Be Mindful convertible high chair is ready for everyday use.

Warranty: All Be Mindful products come with a 1 year warranty against defective parts