Modern Cloth Wipe Ups

  • $14.98
  • $14.98

12 soft, sturdy, washable cloth wipes — so you can get your baby clean without getting your hands dirty.


Size: One size (9" x 9")

Sold in packs of 12

Ingredients: certified organic cotton

We recommend having 24-36 Wipe Ups.

Our organic cotton washable wipes are super-soft on delicate baby skin and generously sized to handle the messiest of diaper messes. Wipe Ups get laundered with your Inners and Outers, making them simple to use, wash and reuse. Instead of going through endless packs of disposable wipes, 24-36 Wipe Ups are all you’ll need from birth through potty training.

They also work wonderfully as bath time washcloths and on sticky hands and messy faces.

Use with our foaming Wipe Up Wash for best results.

Made responsibly in Pakistan.

Wet a clean, dry Wipe Up with a few pumps of foaming Wipe Up Wash. Clean baby thoroughly.

Toss used wipes in your Pail Pouch to be washed with your Inners and Outers on laundry day.

For on-the-go changes, pack up your Wipe Up Wash foamer and dry wipes in your Day Bag. 

Or, you can pre-moisten a few Wipe Ups and put them in your Petite Pouch. If you do not use the wipes that day, empty them into your Pail Pouch for laundering. We do not recommend storing wet wipes for longer than a day.

Wash Wipe Ups with your Inners and Outers following our step-by-step Esembly Wash Instructions.

For more detailed info on how to use your Wipe Ups to clean your baby, visit our FAQ Esembly Page