Our Mission: Making parents' lives a little easier with innovative must-have baby accessories developed by moms to solve a problem--like our newly developed retractable pacifier/teether clip. All while, supporting other family businesses and innovations! 

Hi! My name is Megan and with the help of my husband, German, we run Little BaeBae Co. We had our first little baebae, Ella Rose Castillo, almost two years ago now and she is who inspired me to start this journey. We now have a baby boy, Caden German Castillo, who joined our family August 30th, 2018 and we can't get enough of him!

I never dreamed I would start a baby accessories company, but when I had my daughter, I became a new stay-at-home mom and had an itch for a creative outlet. I decided, I wanted to create diaper covers with cute prints, so I taught myself how to sew and launched a handmade line of baby accessories. All while, developing a new baby product idea I had.

Fast forward, a year later and we finally launched the Little BaeBae RetractaClip, a pacifier clip that softly retracts when baby spits out his or her pacifier. I got the idea from watching my daughter use a regular pacifier clip. We had two major problems with those—they are long enough to accidentally wrap around a baby's neck and the pacifier drags on the ground when they crawl. My daughter loved her pacifier, so I had to remember to remove the clip, if she fell asleep with it. And when she started crawling, I was constantly having to unclip it to clean it. Super annoying! So when the idea for a retractable pacifier clip came to me, I was sure it already existed, but, to my surprise, it didn't. I played with the idea that I should develop one but just had no idea how. About a month later, we had family over for Easter when Ella was 4 months old. A family member put Ella down for her nap for us and I forgot to tell her to remove the pacifier clip. When she woke up, the pacifier clip was around her neck (luckily not to the point it was choking her but it could have done so). That was when I decided I was going to figure it out and turn my idea into a reality! 

Once our daughter used the prototype when she was about eight months old--we never looked back. We are so excited to have our product help solve those same problems for you and other parents, as well! We no longer make handmade items but are so excited to now carry other mom innovative products and baby brands.

Meet the brands we carry:


Hi, I'm Tammy, founder of TushBaby and mom of three beautiful girls. My babies loved to be held and due to my husband hurting his back from a football injury--I was the only one that could hold them. I was shocked to find no easy way to carry my babies comfortably, so I created my own solution with TushBaby. The back-saving hip seat carrier, that holds their weight for you, without having to deal with complicated straps. 


I'm Eli--Founder of Toki Mats! I came up with the idea for Toki Mats while on maternity leave with my second baby, Shaya. Sitting in my living room on my couch, looking out at all of the small-shop baby decorations and toys I collected while pregnant and realized there was no place to get down on the floor and safely play with my newborn and toddler. At least, I didn’t have one that was both comfortable and modern.

I spent the next year designing and building Toki Mats. Through naptime in those first few months of maternity leave, then late nights after going back work, I did tons of research to make sure I had access to the best materials, designs, and partners. While I have a packed schedule with my family and full time job, seeing other families play together on Toki Mats is worth the hustle.


I am Charlotte Evans, founder of Elkie & Co., mom of four girls, passionate about style, enthusiastic about life and a big dreamer! After having four kids and six diaper bags none of them quite fit the bill so it seemed like the sensible thing to do to design my own. After hours of research, hundreds of design sketches, lots of feedback, and many sleepless nights the Elkie bag is finally done and complete perfection. Thank you so much for being here and following along this journey with me.


Hi, I'm Alaina and founder of The Baby's Brew. One of the biggest struggles we had was our daughter refused to drink anything that was not warm. Trying to find warm water when out and about didn’t seem like that difficult of a task, until we tried to. So we went out on a search to find something that was small portable and battery powered so we didn’t get tied down to the cord. Well after hours of searching we came to the realization that this did not exist. Fast forward to today, the Baby’s Brew is the First Ever battery powered bottle warmer! So don’t be tied down by the cord get The Baby’s Brew and get outside!



Hi I’m Lindsey Ferrell, owner of Ryan And Rose and the creator of Cutie Clips and Cutie PATs. I'm a former teacher for the deaf at White Station High School in Memphis, TN, a nationally certified interpreter for the Deaf (NIC), a proud wife that married her high school sweetheart, (yep we started dating when I was 14) and mother of Ryan Rose, our 6 year old daughter and Charley Ruth, our 1 1/2 year old. I'm proof that by having faith and trusting in God, anything is possible.


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