Our Mission: Make mom life easier with innovative baby products developed by us and fellow moms (and a few dads) to solve a problem! All while, bringing awareness + support to other small mama owned brands and their innovative products that we love and that our customers love buying all in one place. 

Supporting mothers on their motherhood journey and supporting mompreneurs on their entreprenuer journey is where our two passions align. ❤️

Hi! My name is Megan and with the help of my husband, German, and a small team--we run Little BaeBae Co. My husband and I had our first little baebae, Ella Rose Castillo, over five years ago now and she is who inspired me to start this journey. We also welcomed our little boy, Caden German Castillo, a little over three years ago now and he's also constantly inspiring me during this mompreneur journey! 

I never dreamed I would start a baby products company...but when I had my daughter, I became a new stay-at-home mom and had an itch for a creative outlet. I decided, I wanted to create diaper covers with cute prints, so I taught myself how to sew and launched a handmade line of baby accessories. All while, developing a new baby product idea I had. Fast forward, a year later and we finally launched the Little BaeBae RetractaClip, the one and only problem-solving retractable pacifier clip. It's a short and long pacifier clip in one and softly retracts when baby spits out his or her pacifier and keeps the pacifier from dragging on the ground when baby crawls. I no longer hand make baby accessories but have since developed other innovative Little BaeBae baby products and am so excited to have them help make your #momlife easier! But I'm not just passionate about the products I develop--I'm also passionate about supporting other mamas ideas and their innovative baby products they develop too!.


So here at Little BaeBae--you're not just supporting our family, you're supporting other small mom and pop owned brands that also took a chance on their innovative ideas. We know first hand how raising a family and running a business is not easy and we are very proud to support and carry other problem-solving baby products developed by moms and some dads just like us! Read their stories below.

Hear the story of how I came up with and developed our flagship product-- the retractable pacifier clip:


Meet The Other Mama/Family Owned Brands We Sell:


As a perinatal nurse and lactation consultant I created this product with my husband for our own baby and babies around the world to help shield them from harmful foreign particles that we are surrounded by every day. We believe in this innovative patent pending all in one cover and support all families that are making the choice to protect their baby. Please let us know if there is anything you need. 

-Kevin & Nicole RN, IBCLC



Hi, I'm Robyn Adams--the founder of Strapsaway! The moment I placed my oldest son into his car seat for the very first time, the concept of StrapsAway was born.

I was anxiously getting ready to leave the hospital to bring him home, so I went to place my precious new little man into his seat. As I went to set him in, however, I noticed that the straps and buckles for the seat were right where I needed to put him.

Not wanting to lay my delicate newborn on top of the mess of straps and metal, I took him in one arm and with the other hand I tried moving them out of the way, only to have them repeatedly fall right back into the seat. No matter how I tried, they fell back every time. Frustrated, I thought to myself, “There must be something out there that would keep these straps out of the way!”

Now, after many late nights with the help of my mom and so many of our talented family and friends, we are excited to share our magnetic car seat strap holders with you.



Hi! My name is Nickey--I am a working mother of two and the founder of Junobie, the world’s first reusable breast milk bag!  After returning from my second maternity leave, I found myself unhappy with the impractical options for breast milk storage. Tired of dealing with leaky plastic bags and heavy glass jars, this momma knew there had to be a simpler, more reliable breast milk storage option. So, the Junobie bag was born!

At Junobie’s core is the desire to support and encourage other mothers. I feel so much gratitude for the amazing women who have helped me on my journey. Growing up, I had an nontraditional family, and even experienced homelessness at one point. If it had not been for the encouragement and inspiration of mentors I met along the way, I would not have graduated high school, gone on to college, and broken the cycle of poverty. Now, I hope to use Junobie to help inspire and simplify the lives of other women and their families.

Thank you for being with me on this journey!



Hi! My name is Alice and I'm the founder of FAMOKIDS. From that first moment of becoming pregnant, I knew I needed to create something special
for my baby and also change the way mother's across the globe looked at foam play mats. Since other foam mat options available in the market were
obnoxiously brightly colored that no "on-trend" mom actually wanted in her beautiful home. So I designed a multi-purpose mat you can use year
after year as your children roll, crawl, walk, and play in your living room or
nursery room. While your little one napping, mom or dad can easily use
this mat tor exercise or meditation.


Hi, I'm Lisa Pinnell, founder of Binxy Baby and as a busy mom of four I was doing my big "stock-up" shopping with my toddler and newborn a few years ago, and realized I had a problem. I needed to fill my cart with a week's worth of groceries, but could not, for the life of her, figure out a safe way to contain two kids while doing so. I was determined to figure out a solution to my problem. After many late nights, some very ugly prototypes, every safety test you can imagine, and a little help from my mom, the Binxy Baby® Shopping Cart Hammock™ was born. The end result was a fun, easy, convenient, and most importantly, simple way to safely hold a baby plus a basket full of groceries!



Hi, I'm Tammy, founder of TushBaby and mom of three beautiful girls. My babies loved to be held and due to my husband hurting his back from a football injury--I was the only one that could hold them. I was shocked to find no easy way to carry my babies comfortably, so I created my own solution with TushBaby. The back-saving hip seat carrier, that holds their weight for you, without having to deal with complicated straps. 


Hi, I'm Eli, founder of Toki Mats! I came up with the idea for Toki Mats while on maternity leave with my second baby, Shaya. Sitting in my living room on my couch, looking out at all of the small-shop baby decorations and toys I collected while pregnant and realized there was no place to get down on the floor and safely play with my newborn and toddler. At least, I didn’t have one that was both comfortable and modern.

I spent the next year designing and building Toki Mats. Through naptime in those first few months of maternity leave, then late nights after going back work, I did tons of research to make sure I had access to the best materials, designs, and partners. While I have a packed schedule with my family and full time job, seeing other families play together on Toki Mats is worth the hustle.


Hi, I'm Charlotte Evans, founder of Elkie & Co., mom of four girls, passionate about style, enthusiastic about life and a big dreamer! After having four kids and six diaper bags none of them quite fit the bill so it seemed like the sensible thing to do to design my own. After hours of research, hundreds of design sketches, lots of feedback, and many sleepless nights the Elkie bag is finally done and complete perfection. Thank you so much for being here and following along this journey with me.


Hi, I'm Alaina and founder of The Baby's Brew. One of the biggest struggles we had was our daughter refused to drink anything that was not warm. Trying to find warm water when out and about didn’t seem like that difficult of a task, until we tried to. So we went out on a search to find something that was small portable and battery powered so we didn’t get tied down to the cord. Well after hours of searching we came to the realization that this did not exist. Fast forward to today, the Baby’s Brew is the First Ever battery powered bottle warmer! So don’t be tied down by the cord get The Baby’s Brew and get outside!


Hi, I'm Jennifer Wynh, founder of Embè and a mother of four, who from personal experience fully understood the need to evolve the centuries­ old, cumbersome, simple cloth swaddle.Finding a lack of versatile swaddles that tailored to a baby’s sleep needs, I used my strong design sense and engineering background, and birthed the concept for the embé® 2-Way Swaddle™ where babies can have their legs in or legs out.



Hi, I'm Jordyn McQueen, founder of Queen Maddyn which I started to create a Baby and Lifestyle brand that helps women in their most special yet vulnerable time feel their most beautiful. All of our products are made out of the softest material, trust us you will fall in love. Our fabric is super lightweight, soft on delicate new baby skin, and so cozy to snuggle them up in. Not to mention our patterns are trendy and gorgeous. It is a must have for the new babes in your life as well as comforting the new mom while she is recovering from bringing such a beautiful blessing into this world and making her feel her true beautiful self. Queen Maddyn is designed by a mom, made for a queen! 


Hi, I’m Katie, owner of the Binky Box and mom to Ruby Jean. I came up with the idea for The Binky Box when my daughter was a newborn and we were going through the trial and error period of picking out a pacifier. There were plenty of options out there in the market, but we definitely had to kiss a couple frogs before finding our prince! I wanted to find a way to make this easier for new parents with a convenient, all in one package of 4 great brands that they can try. We hope this purchase or gift will make someone’s transition into motherhood or fatherhood a little easier!


Hi, I am Asaf Kehat and the Co-Founder & CEO of Nanobèbè. As a dad and biomedical engineer, at Nanobèbè our dedication to babies' health guides all of our product development with the goal of providing the best quality essentials to our growing nanobébé family.


We really appreciate the support and hope you have a great experience shopping for your little baebae! Thank you!

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