About Little BaeBae:

Little BaeBae is a modern baby accessories company founded in 2017 and based out of Sacramento, California. CEO/Co-Founder Megan Castillo  (with the help of her husband/co-founder German Castillo) runs Little BaeBae. As a new mom, Megan had an idea to redesign the pacifier clips known today. She wanted to make a retractable pacifier clip that solved the major problems she was experiencing when she had her daughter Ella. With no experience, she began her journey of turning her idea into a reality—creating the world’s first retractable pacifier clip that was safer, cleaner and a lifesaver 2.0.

About our Little Bae Retractaclip:

When you have a pacifier-loving baby, pacifier clips are a lifesaver. They keep your baby’s pacifier from being thrown, dropped and/or lost. However, standard pacifier clips come with two major problems, both of which are solved by the Little Bae Retractaclip! It’s a patent-pending, affordable pacifier clip that automatically retracts when baby spits out his or her pacifier, keeping the cord short near baby’s neck and keeping the pacifier from dragging on the ground while baby is on the move. It can be used with babies newborn to weaning, with the majority of all pacifiers, and it's made with non-toxic plastic and a genuine leather cord that is durable and easy to wipe clean. Life with a new baby can be hard--make it easier and worry less with the Little Bae Retractaclip!

Megan Castillo, founder of Little BaeBae, explains: “My daughter Ella loved her pacifier. After losing many of them, I finally bought pacifier clips, thinking I’d solved my problem--only to learn that pacifier clips come with problems of their own. The cords are usually long enough to wrap around baby’s neck, so once Ella fell asleep I worried constantly about whether I’d remembered to remove it or at least re-clip it so there was no slack in the cord. Then my daughter started crawling, and the normal pacifier clip allowed her pacifier to drag on the ground, which meant I had to jump up and wash it every time she tried to pick it up and put it back in her mouth. I decided there had to be a better way, that the clip needed to retract, so almost a year later, I developed the Little Bae Retractaclip, which solves both problems! For the first time, parents can buy a pacifier clip that helps keep the pacifier from getting lost, help it stay clean and keeps it where it should be, making life with a baby just a little easier. "

The Little Bae Retractaclip extends up to around 10 inches, so it is long enough to clip it in more places--on your baby's waistband, blanket, stroller, car seat etc. When it’s clipped to the shirt collar, there is zero pull, so if you have a newborn baby or a baby who is still getting used to a pacifier, you won’t have to worry about the clip pulling the pacifier out of his or her mouth. Then as they get older and a stronger suction you can extend the clip to the waistband or other places. Truly grows with your baby! This product is safe, lightweight and easy to use, even for babies (once they develop the motor skills to grab the pacifier themselves).

“The Little Bae Retractaclip is the world’s first retractable pacifier clip. It’s affordable and stylish, and it solves all your pacifier problems—making life with baby a little easier,” explains founder Megan Castillo. 

Why the Little Bae Retractaclip? 


  • Only short & long pacifier clip in ONE--allowing you to clip to more places but still keeping the cord short when baby spits out their pacifier.
  • No more dangerous loose cord near baby's little neck
  • No more dragging pacifier when baby crawls
  • Specifically designed for a baby--not just any retractable device. 
  • Plus, like other pacifier clips, no more dropped or lost pacifiers
  • Safe, non-toxic and easy to use--even for baby (once they develop the motor skills to put the pacifier in their mouth) 
  • Your solution to ALL your pacifier problems! 


Little BaeBae successfully raised $15,000 on Kickstarter in 2018 to bring their newly-invented retractable pacifier clip to widespread consumer market

PR Contact:  

Megan Castillo (Co-Founder & CEO)

Little BaeBae Phone:   916-407-3353     


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