Aberdeen Bag Linings

  • $29.98
  • $29.98

The Aberdeen bag linings will be available for a limited time and are limited in colors.

Diaper Bag, Mom Bag, and/or Work Bag -- It does it all with style*

Now you can switch out liners with ease! Just unzip the used liner and zip on the new liner. Throw the used liner in the wash and have it nice and clean for when you are ready to switch again. 

Note: It's best to keep liners within the same bag color. There's a strip of leather at the top that matches the bag to blend with it when zipped in. Although, they can be used with a different color Aberdeen bag if you don't mind it not blending in.


  • 4 open pockets
  • Two elastic side pockets.
  • Material has been pre-shrunk.
  • Machine wash cold and hang dry.

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