Cobalt Top Grain Sandals

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A perfect blue sandal to go with your babe’s everyday wear - or to the beach for a funky, fun look! Slip these babies on for instant style!

Summer’s here – and it is time to show off those adorable toes! Our new top-grain sandals feature a buckle strap for a secure hold and soft rubber outsoles!

Piper Finn shoes were created to offer a fun, modern take on the classic tailored design and offer lots of colors and patterns in durable, breathable, 100% genuine leather, to make it a staple in your baby’s shoe wardrobe.

Sizing Info: Fit true to size, just measure your baby’s foot and compare it to our size chart. 

SIZE BY AGE: If you're buying a gift and can't measure baby's feet --here's a chart generalized by age. Please note: This is not exact since all feet grow at different rates so please measure and compare to size chart if possible. If you can't measure it's best to size up so they can grow into them.


1   | 0 - 3mo

2   | 3 - 6mo

3   | 6-9mo

4   | 9-12mo

5   | 12-18mo

6   | 18 - 24mo

7   | 2 - 2.5yrs

8   | 2.5 - 3yrs

9   | 3 - 3.5yrs

10 | 4 - 5yrs

11  | 5 - 6 yrs

12 | 6 - 7yrs

We make sizing easy! Just measure your little one’s foot from heel to big toe before purchasing and compare it to our size chart below.  Please note, the measurements below are exact measurements of shoe so please add an extra 1/2 inch onto your baby's foot to determine the proper size.

All Piper Finn footwear is 100% genuine leather and will stretch up to a half size when worn.