Llama Plushie & Matching RetractaClip Bundle Deal

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Our Llama Plushies are the perfect snuggle buddy for your little baebae and are approximately 15 inches tall. 

They are handmade with hand stitching details in the USA by fellow mamas/business owners. Due to this there will be slight variations, making each lovey one of a kind. 

There's even a small loop on all our Llama Plushies so you can attach our Retractaclip to it and keep baby from throwing their lovey on the dirty ground!

Materials: This is a cuddly, snuggly and amazingly soft plushie is made from cozy faux fur fabric/minky (depending on your preference) and felt for the details. Head and legs are lightly stuffed with Polyfill. 

Care Instructions: We suggest spot cleaning or hand washing your plushie and lay flat to dry.

Plushie Disclaimer: Although there are no small, removable pieces, these plushies are not meant for chewing and should not be left in the crib for safety purposes. Please supervise young children while playing with their plushies. There will be a little bit of shedding from the fur being cut. Please note that fabric shouldn’t shed but isn’t always 100% baby yank proof (little ones grips are strong)! Please keep an eye on little fingers and mouths for minimal amounts of fur. All items handmade in a smoke free home.

Ditch regular ol pacifier clips for our problem solving Retractaclips and you'll never go back!

Why the Little BaeBae RetractaClip 4.0? 

Only short & long pacifier clip in ONE--allowing you to clip to more places if needed but still keeping the cord short when baby spits out their pacifier.
  • No more dangerous loose cord near baby's little neck
  • No more dragging pacifier when baby crawls
  • Specifically designed for a baby to use--not just any retractable device. 
  • Plus, like other pacifier clips, no more dropped or lost pacifiers
  • Safe, non-toxic and easy to use--even for baby (once they develop the motor skills to put the pacifier in their mouth)
  • Plus, a quick release clip that lets you quickly release the whole pacifier clip from the baby's pacifier without taking the pacifier out of their mouth. 
  • Comes with a FREE bonus attachment, so you can easily and quickly clip off and switch to another color/type of pacifier or teether--save time not having to unloop every time!
  • Grows with baby--use from newborn to pacifier weaning! We spent a year getting the tension just right, so it wouldn't pull the pacifier out of baby's mouth, when fully extended. But baby does need to have a good suction on their pacifier to use the extended feature. *However, if they don't yet, you can just use it as a short pacifier clip because when clipped near their chest or shirt collar, it reaches their mouth without extending and has no pull. Then once they get older or a stronger suction you can start using the extended feature. (Manufactured for babies up to 18months old)
  • Your solution to ALL your pacifier problems! 


    Retractaclip Disclaimer: Parent supervision recommended. Make sure it is retracting correctly and securely clipped to baby before letting them use it--the Little Bae Retractaclip is NOT a toy. Once baby gets older and develops the motor-skills to physically try and wrap it around their neck, we recommend clipping below their chest so that the cord is not long enough for them to be able to. If broken, small parts may pose choking hazard. Buyer assumes all responsibility.

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