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These RetractaClips are on clearance due to having a blemish or flaw that didn't meet our high quality standards. We wanted to offer them at 50% OFF for those of you that don't mind ones with issues but still work! Defect reason could be scratched/chipped metal clip, character design off center or it doesn't work perfectly but still keeps your little one's pacifier from dropping or dragging on the ground!

Ditch regular ol pacifier clips for our problem solving Retractaclips and you'll never go back!

Only short & long pacifier/teether clip in ONE--allowing you to clip to more places if needed but still keeping the cord short when baby spits out their pacifier.
  • No more dangerous loose cord near baby's little neck
  • No more dragging pacifier when baby crawls
  • Specifically designed for a baby to use--not just any retractable device. 
  • Plus, like other pacifier clips, no more dropped or lost pacifiers
  • Safe, non-toxic and easy to use--even for baby (once they develop the motor skills to put the pacifier in their mouth)
  • Plus, a quick release clip that lets you quickly release the whole pacifier clip from the baby's pacifier without taking the pacifier out of their mouth. 
  • Comes with a FREE bonus attachment, so you can easily and quickly clip off and switch to another color/type of pacifier or teether--save time not having to unloop every time!
  • Grows with baby--use from newborn to pacifier weaning! We spent a year getting the tension just right, so it wouldn't pull the pacifier out of baby's mouth, when fully extended. But baby does need to have a good suction on their pacifier to use the extended feature. *However, if they don't yet, you can just use it as a short pacifier clip because when clipped near their chest or shirt collar, it reaches their mouth without extending and has no pull. Then once they get older or a stronger suction you can start using the extended feature. (Manufactured for babies up to 18months old)
  • Your solution to ALL your pacifier problems! 



    Parent supervision recommended. Make sure it is retracting correctly and securely clipped to baby before letting them use it--the Little Bae Retractaclip is NOT a toy. Once baby gets older and develops the motor-skills to physically try and wrap it around their neck, we recommend clipping below their chest so that the cord is not long enough for them to be able to. If broken, small parts may pose choking hazard. Buyer assumes all responsibility.

    Imagine this: Your baby is crying and you can't find a pacifier. Or you're out running errands, and your baby throws his pacifier on the ground. He wants it back, but now it's dirty and you don't want to give it to him. So he starts throwing a fit. 

    You discover pacifier clips and think you've solved your problems. You're no longer losing your baby's pacifiers and he can't throw them on the ground (hallelujah!).

    BUT WAIT--you soon realize that you're still facing two major problems with regular pacifier clips.

    1. Now you have a potentially dangerous loose cord clipped near your baby's neck so when he falls asleep you have to remember to remove it (but taking the pacifier out of his mouth to do so risks waking him--every parent's nightmare!). 

    2. When your baby crawls, the pacifier drags on the floor, so you have to constantly unclip it to clean it before you can give it back--only to have him drop it again (rinse and repeat!).

    Does this sound familiar? Are these things you have to deal with and worry about? 

    That's the exact scenario we were experiencing, which is why we created something better. The Little Bae Retractaclip 2.0 is the newest version of our retractable pacifier clip. Not only is it the first ever retractable pacifier clip, but it's the only short and long pacifier clip in ONE. You can clip it to baby's shirt collar or extend it and clip it to the waistband, and when baby spits it out, it will softly retract and keep the cord short--solving the two major problems of regular pacifier clips!

    We launched our first retractable pacifier clip on Kickstarter at the end of 2018 and successfully met our goal. We have continued to tweak the design to make it the best pacifier clip out there, and we are so excited to introduce you to our brand NEW version!

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